Since 2008, Talvihorros has been the work of Scotland based composer and producer Ben Chatwin. Through his distinctive approach to the guitar, he crafts dense and dark compositions that hint at the conflicting beauty/chaos of the cosmos. The intention to create daring music that was free from a traditional sense of structure and genre, culminated in the 2014 release ‘Eaten Alive’. This album focuses on the darker recesses of life, where bold melodic ideas fight with harsh noise and glacial ambience to create something organic, evolving and physically arresting.

Eaten Alive – 12″ LP/CD/Digital Denovali, 31 January 2014

Eaten Alive – Limited CD Facture, 1st Nov 2013
And It Was So – 12″ LP/CD Denovali, 23 Nov 2012
Let Us Be Thankful We Have Commerce – 10″ LP Denovali, 23 Nov 2012
Descent Into Delta – LP/CD Hibernate, 2011
Music In Four Movements – CD Hibernate, 2010 / LP Denovali, 2012
Some Ambulance – CD Benbecula, 2009 / LP Denovali, 2012

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