‘The Sleeper Awakes’ Out Now!

My new album ‘The Sleeper Awakes’ is officially out now on LP / CD and DL through Village Green – available at all good record stores and also limited numbers from my own Bandcamp store here:



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Trailer for ‘The Sleeper Awakes’

Check out the trailer for forthcoming release of ‘The Sleeper Awakes’ out on the 4th May 2015

It features an excerpt of the track ‘Darwinism’:

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Mirroring Stream

‘Mirroring’ taken from the forthcoming album ‘The Sleeper Awakes’  the first to be released as Ben Chatwin:

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Tokafi Interview Part 1

Tokafi have just published an in-depth interview going into detail about why my last album ‘Eaten Alive’ came about and some of the events that led to its creation.

Check out Part 1 here:


Part 2 will be up in a couple of weeks and focuses more on the studio / gear side.

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Incubate 2014

Im pleased to be playing at this years Incubate Fesitval in Tilburg, Netherlands.  This festival always has a great line-up so Im honoured to be a part of it.

Ill be performing on Sunday 21st September at Paradox, Im opening the evening so will be on at 16:30.  More info here:


Its likely to be my last live show of the year as I head back into the studio to lock myself away for the winter, hopefully to emerge with a new album in Spring………

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Eaten Alive – LP / CD / Digital

Im pleased to announce that my latest album ‘Eaten Alive’ is now available on all formats including a limited edition coloured 12″ vinyl.

Stream / Purchase via Bandcamp below:

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2014 – back to work

Hey, so a happy new year and all that, had a really great break where i was internet free for a bit over xmas which felt amazing – must force myself to do this more over the coming year.

A few things that happened over the holidays –

Dronarivm released this great compilation called 15 Shades of White which featured a new track of mine called Etude V which can be streamed/ordered below:

The compilation is well worth checking out and features tracks from Jacaszek, Kreng, Aaron Martin & Christoph Berg, Sophie Hutchings & Peter Hollo, Marsen Jules and more…..

Another compilation that was released a few days ago and is completely free is the latest sampler from Denovali Records featuring mostly tracks from albums released in 2013 but also a few that are coming up early in 2014 (which includes mine), well worth giving this a listen – the Denovali roster is as varied and consistently good as any you’ll come across:

A few things coming up in 2014 –

My new album ‘Eaten Alive’ is released on 31st January on LP/CD/Digital through Denovali. Check out the artwork below – it features photography from my good friend Jonathan Birch which was manipulated and assembled by my good brother Jordan Chatwin. Came out looking like this:
If you havent already stream a track or two from the album here:

Ordering details to follow soon…..

As for live dates ill be back in Europe on tour with Petrels in March, which follows a lone-date supporting Loscil in Aberdeen (Scotland) on the 18th February. Full dates to be announced soon….

In other brief news – work is well underway on an album of music slightly detached from what im doing as Talvihorros featuring slightly more composed, cinematic and emotive stuff that will hopefully get finished in 2014 and released under my own name. I also contributed some ideas and noises to the upcoming Graveyard Tapes album which sounds excellent and will be out this year, possibly with some live dates too.

Thanks for listening!

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Eaten Alive Limited Edition CD released today

My new album ‘Eaten Alive’ is released today as a Limited Edition CD. The package also includes a 40 page booklet of photography by Daniel Crossley and 5 double-sided prints. It is a thing of beauty.

Only 200 copies were made and they are now sold out at the label.

You can stream the album in full and purchase the final copies here:


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Eaten Alive – Facture Release

The new album ‘Eaten Alive’ will be released on Facture on the 25th October. It will be a hand-made CD limited to 200 copies. If you want to secure a copy you will most likely need to sign up to the Facture mailing list as they wont last long:


Stream a couple of tracks below:

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New Album Coming in Autumn

There will be a new Talvihorros album in Autumn 2013 called ‘Eaten Alive’.
It will be a limited edition CD release on Facture.

Listen to one of the 8 tracks here:

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Artrocker reviews live performance at Swingfest

Got a mention in Artrocker as they reviewed the recent London edition of the Denovali Swingfest:

“UK Denovali act Talvihorros before were a master class on how to fill vast, epic space with playing that showed attention to detail and how to build tension. A few of the audience were in foetal position for an opening of twangy langour (roughly, Godspeed soundtracking Paris, Texas). But the duo went from tropes to mastery, as cymbal descriptive of an incoming tide, ominous kick drum and jarring electronics gradually ramped up a 45 minute soundscape (?) to a galloping kraut drumming finale. Force of nature and excellent.”


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Live at the Denovali Swingfest

Here is a pretty lo-fi but nice video from the last 15 mins of my Denovali Swingfest set that happened on Sunday.  Was a great weekend of music, really nice to be a part of it:

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