‘The Sleeper Awakes’ Out Now!

My new album ‘The Sleeper Awakes’ is officially out now on LP / CD and DL through Village Green – available at all good record stores and also limited numbers from my own Bandcamp store here:


Trailer for ‘The Sleeper Awakes’

Check out the trailer for forthcoming release of ‘The Sleeper Awakes’ out on the 4th May 2015

It features an excerpt of the track ‘Darwinism’:

Mirroring Stream

‘Mirroring’ taken from the forthcoming album ‘The Sleeper Awakes’  the first to be released as Ben Chatwin:

Tokafi Interview Part 1

Tokafi have just published an in-depth interview going into detail about why my last album ‘Eaten Alive’ came about and some of the events that led to its creation.

Check out Part 1 here:

Part 2 will be up in a couple of weeks and focuses more on the studio / gear side.

Incubate 2014

Im pleased to be playing at this years Incubate Fesitval in Tilburg, Netherlands.  This festival always has a great line-up so Im honoured to be a part of it.

Ill be performing on Sunday 21st September at Paradox, Im opening the evening so will be on at 16:30.  More info here:

Its likely to be my last live show of the year as I head back into the studio to lock myself away for the winter, hopefully to emerge with a new album in Spring………

Eaten Alive – LP / CD / Digital

Im pleased to announce that my latest album ‘Eaten Alive’ is now available on all formats including a limited edition coloured 12″ vinyl.

Stream / Purchase via Bandcamp below:

2014 – back to work

Hey, so a happy new year and all that, had a really great break where i was internet free for a bit over xmas which felt amazing – must force myself to do this more over the coming year.

A few things that happened over the holidays –

Dronarivm released this great compilation called 15 Shades of White which featured a new track of mine called Etude V which can be streamed/ordered below:

The compilation is well worth checking out and features tracks from Jacaszek, Kreng, Aaron Martin & Christoph Berg, Sophie Hutchings & Peter Hollo, Marsen Jules and more…..

Another compilation that was released a few days ago and is completely free is the latest sampler from Denovali Records featuring mostly tracks from albums released in 2013 but also a few that are coming up early in 2014 (which includes mine), well worth giving this a listen – the Denovali roster is as varied and consistently good as any you’ll come across:

A few things coming up in 2014 –

My new album ‘Eaten Alive’ is released on 31st January on LP/CD/Digital through Denovali. Check out the artwork below – it features photography from my good friend Jonathan Birch which was manipulated and assembled by my good brother Jordan Chatwin. Came out looking like this:
If you havent already stream a track or two from the album here:

Ordering details to follow soon…..

As for live dates ill be back in Europe on tour with Petrels in March, which follows a lone-date supporting Loscil in Aberdeen (Scotland) on the 18th February. Full dates to be announced soon….

In other brief news – work is well underway on an album of music slightly detached from what im doing as Talvihorros featuring slightly more composed, cinematic and emotive stuff that will hopefully get finished in 2014 and released under my own name. I also contributed some ideas and noises to the upcoming Graveyard Tapes album which sounds excellent and will be out this year, possibly with some live dates too.

Thanks for listening!

Eaten Alive Limited Edition CD released today

My new album ‘Eaten Alive’ is released today as a Limited Edition CD. The package also includes a 40 page booklet of photography by Daniel Crossley and 5 double-sided prints. It is a thing of beauty.

Only 200 copies were made and they are now sold out at the label.

You can stream the album in full and purchase the final copies here:


Eaten Alive – Facture Release

The new album ‘Eaten Alive’ will be released on Facture on the 25th October. It will be a hand-made CD limited to 200 copies. If you want to secure a copy you will most likely need to sign up to the Facture mailing list as they wont last long:

Stream a couple of tracks below:

New Album Coming in Autumn

There will be a new Talvihorros album in Autumn 2013 called ‘Eaten Alive’.
It will be a limited edition CD release on Facture.

Listen to one of the 8 tracks here:

Artrocker reviews live performance at Swingfest

Got a mention in Artrocker as they reviewed the recent London edition of the Denovali Swingfest:

“UK Denovali act Talvihorros before were a master class on how to fill vast, epic space with playing that showed attention to detail and how to build tension. A few of the audience were in foetal position for an opening of twangy langour (roughly, Godspeed soundtracking Paris, Texas). But the duo went from tropes to mastery, as cymbal descriptive of an incoming tide, ominous kick drum and jarring electronics gradually ramped up a 45 minute soundscape (?) to a galloping kraut drumming finale. Force of nature and excellent.”

Live at the Denovali Swingfest

Here is a pretty lo-fi but nice video from the last 15 mins of my Denovali Swingfest set that happened on Sunday.  Was a great weekend of music, really nice to be a part of it:

Denovali Swingfest Free Sampler / Info

Denovali has uploaded a really great FREE 21-track sampler from all the artists playing the London Swingfest in April (20/21 at The Scala), it really is an amazing line-up:

Download/Stream sampler here:

Denovali Swingfest London

Facebook Event:


Solo Guitar Improvisation III

I have a new piece of music – a solo guitar improvisation recorded live with minimal post-production on this compilation from Des Cendre a la Cave.

Its a free download at bandcamp:

Calvin Klein Film

I recently contributed new music to this Calvin Klein Fashion Film. There are four new pieces of music along with a version of ‘Alpha’ from ‘Descent Into Delta’ mixed alongside music from Olafur Arnalds and Jacaszek in this 10 minute short film:

and for those of you with busy lives who dont have time to sit through all 10 mins – here is a handy 30 second cutdown:

Live dates added for 2013

Starting to book up some live dates for next year, expect more to be added soon –

10.02.13 – The Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh with Memory Drawings
20.03.13 – Cafe Oto, London with Loscil and Pye Corner Audio
21.03.13 – The Glad Cafe, Glasgow with Loscil
29.03.13 – Summerhall, Edinburgh with Umberto
21.04.13 – Denovali Swingfest at The Scala, Kings Cross with William Basinski, Thomas Koner, Greg Haines, Carlos Cipa and more….

Get in touch if you want to book a show, more info here –

Album of the month at Textura

‘And It Was So’ gets album of the month at Textura where they say some very nice things about the record – it can be read in full HERE.

“There are moments when a comparison to someone like Tim Hecker makes sense, the difference being that Chatwin’s sense of compositional form is more fully and satisfyingly developed than Hecker’s. In truth, it ultimately makes more sense to treat Talvihorros music on its own terms, rather than try to fabricate connections between Chatwin’s sound and someone else’s. Put simply, he moves to another level on this recording: while a fabulous guitarist and sound designer, he’s also an incredible composer with a signature way of shaping and arranging sounds into stunning instrumental set-pieces.”

Creeping Things

Listen to the next track to be taken from ‘And It Was So’ called ‘Creeping Things’ below:

‘And It Was So’ is to be released on the 23rd November through Denovali Records.

Fluid Radio Reviews ‘And It Was So’

The first review for my forthcoming album has been posted at the ever brilliant Fluid Radio, see below:

Phantoms on the strings. Phantoms in the music… Talvihorros, the alias of London musician Ben Chatwin, explores the dark coves of experimental and electronic music that, when listened to, unleashes haunting atmospheres on dense, expansive winds. Not even the eternal black of space can contain music as liberated as this. Talvihorros creates music for the cosmos, and the deep mystery at its heart.
Out of reach. Out of exposure.
‘And It Was So’ orbits around a dark sun of faint light, and due to the mystique rippling out of the music, we are never completely sure whether the expanding universe carries a parasitic entity on the bow touching the strings, bringing with it a new kind of black plague before the planets fulfil their destiny, or if it is just a passing storm amid the chaos of coalescing rock. Fate will decide. The extroverted freedom doesn’t appear unhealthy, as the strings collide with experimental soundscapes to create astonishing music, most of which is filtered down through the guitar (while highlighting the instrument’s amazing tonal possibilities and degrees). Vintage and home-made electronics are looped in a constant cycle, sharing an orbit with electric and acoustic guitars (although each instrument is a ghost of itself, almost indistinguishable to the conscious mind). Forever delayed, cascades of reverb create dense, lush atmospheres that are just as dark as they are alluring. Percussion pierces the space with a discovered, rhythmic life form, adding an extra vitality and an exciting dynamic element. It isn’t just a new world of sound that opens up when all of these elements are combined – it’s a spectral universe of colour and sound that hits like a tsunami.
Punctuated by a dirty, gritted static, the light distorted fuzz holds an increasingly disturbing air of menace, like nightmares drenched in cold sweat. A pinpoint of light becomes symbolic, helping us to snake our way through these immense compositions. Vanishing into a recently discovered black hole, guitars are sucked into an invisible void of turbulence. Deep in the vibrating streams, drums kick in, rocking against the atmospheric flow like abrasive asteroids, while also smoothing the soundscape out with the determined purpose of rhythm. It seems to give the record a nice contour between abstract electronics, and the very real, physical sound of natural percussion. Although it never disappears, the caustic grit of distortion is eventually eroded and dissolved.
‘Let There Be Light’ tears through like a pregnant universe giving birth to a young, galactic arm; a bigger bang sending discarded pieces of guitar noise in all directions, for them later to support life. A beacon shines a recurring, fiery light, circled by pitch black; it’s the first taste of a loop. Traces of rhythm enter underneath a drone, created in the eye of the explosion, and as that leisurely rhythm passes by, the strings lend their darker touch; it isn’t so much an introduction as it is a mini-EP.
And it was so.
‘In The Midst Of The Waters’ fits the notion of new life perfectly, with the element of water as life-creator, in an aquatic ocean free of ice. Loops are not immediately obvious on this tropical world. Trailing waterfalls can be imagined, aquatic scenes filled with the echoes of dolphins and killer whales. It’s easy to submerse ourselves, diving in for a tropical swim and maybe even meeting Shamu along the way. Sonar reveals introverted calls of the deep that dive in and out, undulating in pitch and decreasing slightly as they fall; the music is excitingly eerie. As the light sparkles off the lagoon, Talvihorros has already revealed a school of sound teeming with dark, sleek colours and sharp, unsatiated teeth.
‘Swarms of Living Souls’ may lull us half-asleep, but this half-in, half-out comatose state is the point at which our instincts flicker off, and we are open to attack. And this is exactly the scenario we find ourselves in. A twinkle twinkle melody floats above a new born galaxy like a mobile over a crib, but any youthful innocence is soon just a shattered illusion, as a sonic supernova of full-on, engulfing static showers comets of deep bass, drifting over the melody like rain. Synths shoot past a scorching orb of white light, left, right and central, like trailing lasers. Another phantom uncloaks itself nearer the end, in the shape of a deep, faint drum; a heartbeat caged inside the chest. Talvihorros’ myriad use of percussion and timbre is fascinating to see, almost entering a tribal zone at one point, and at another as deep in electronica as the pitch black nightclubs of the early morning. The clearest melody is found on ‘Creeping Things’, where the recognisable currents of electric guitar slide and snake their way around the atmospheric cosmos.
The frothing black in ‘Great Sea Monsters’ is just as gigantic in sound, as the creatures’ tentacles are seen reaching out from the deep, breaching the surface and splashing back in a smash of crashing cymbals, all underneath an immense, subaquatic drone. Rising and rising, a body of guitar-led melody glints off the water in refreshing, crystal notes. The whole track is spectacular; unfolding delicate, slippery arms that are free from demonization – a trend our species sticks upon fearful appearance. The sea level has dropped as it reaches the coda; the track has transformed, influenced by the brutality of what has now sunk underwater. The only remains are colossal bones, beached along a primeval shoreline of sand-covered skeletons.
‘A Mist Went Up’ serenely flows along a calm river, but there is still a touch of rough distortion adding a heavy weight to the track. It never disappears. One has the feeling these 7 pieces of music only present a tiny fraction of Talvihorros’ musical spectrum, and although the music doesn’t so much scratch the surface as it does scar it for life, what stuns the most is the immensity which confronts us. Talvihorros returns again and again to the concept of musical alteration. This is a feature that becomes most apparent inside the longer tracks, as the music has both the space and the time to fully develop and cross over to the other side. And when it does develop, the music has the power to either further add creative elements or utterly destroy itself and this universe that Talvihorros has painstakingly sculpted. One could even make the point that creativity can be found in the process of destruction.
Electronic elements corrode into the orchestral, and this is the continued fascination of the musical cycle; he seems to be focused on one extreme that eventually becomes a spectre of what it once was; a white, dying star that has lived a full life, only to now experience a rebirth in the scattering of energy through its explosion of death. ‘And It Was So’ hits like the full force of gravity; immense soundscapes of shock and awe, fear and amazement, forever soaked in black.

– James Catchpole for Fluid Radio

The Two Great Lights

First track to stream from my forthcoming (and now 4th) album ‘And It Was So’.  It will be released on the 23rd November through Denovali Records on LP/CD and the usual digital stores.  Give track ‘The Two Great Lights’ a whirl below:

Let Us Be Thankful We Have Commerce

Ive just updated my bandcamp with the forthcoming vinyl reissue of Let Us Be Thankful We Have Commerce, its due for release late November so stream in full and buy the digital version early HERE


Fluid Radio Revisit Some Ambulance / MIFM

Nice little article looking at the recent LP reissues of Some Ambulance and Music In Four Movements on Denovali:

Quick Update on Activities

Just did an update to my mailing list – here or below:

Limited new release on TQA records

Im delighted to follow on from the likes of Aidan Baker, Noveller and label owner Thisquietarmy to be apart of the Aural Diptych series.  Swarm with Swarms is a 2 x 3″CDR split with Ekca Liena, beautifully handmade and limited to 100 copies only:
TQA026 | ADS08 - Aural Diptych #8 - Talvihorros / Ekca Liena 2xCDR
There are only a few copies left so if you want a physical copy then order direct from the label here –

LP reissues of first 2 albums

Some Ambulance LP
Denovali Records have re-released my debut album from 2009 ‘Some Ambulance’ initially released on Benbecula and from 2010 ‘Music In Four Movements’ which was released on Hibernate first time around.  I have completely re-mixed and mastered all the material and im extremely pleased to hear the music get released on vinyl for the first time.  Both LP’s feature new artwork designed by Jordan Chatwin and come in wonderful gatefold packaging – there is a limited edition clear vinyl edition limited to 150 copies for both LP’s.They can be bought direct from Denovali here – will also be available from most good independent music shops.



New full-length due for release in November

In November i will be releasing the follow up to last years ‘Descent Into Delta’  on LP/CD/Digital also with Denovali.  ‘And It Was So’ is over a year in the making and features contributions from Christoph Berg on Violin, Oli Barrett on Cello, Anais Lalange on Viola and Jordan Chatwin on Drums.  It features music inspired by the book of Genesis and specifically the 7 days of creation.  There will also be for the first time on 10″ vinyl the release of my now sold out cassette – ‘Let Us Be Thankful We Have Commerce’.

More news on this to follow soon…..

Foxy Digitalis reviews Monuments and Ruins

Nice little review went up at Foxy Digitalis this week:

“Ben Chatwin’s Talvihorros leads the split with a certain classical-tinged post rock, beautifully mixing Godspeed’s hopeful dirges with Ben Frost’s elegiac despair. Over the course of “From Within a Hollow Body” (split into two roughly 15-minute parts), Chatwin slowly layers sinister chords and crackling touches to paint a mournful painting of overwrought gestures.  Heartbreaking stuff.  Part Two in particle decays slowly over several minutes, coming immediately after the piece’s climax collapses.  Talvihorros is venturing some serious ground here.  Other acts in the same breed are quick to dwell in static or banal genre pitfalls, but this piece is consciously heading in another direction.

Damian Valles’ “Hollow Earth Theory” comprises the other half here with an exercise in absolute minimalism.  The piece is high concept, almost coming off like a field recording or found sound.  For the first few minutes, Valles methodically sets up his acoustic guitar as though he’s just hit record adds sat down to warm up.  Dark movements and deep tones come out of nowhere, filling in the blank spaces with brooding colors and gestures.  Reality begins to shift and your perceptions are altered as slight guitar plucks are processed and blur out of focus.  The line between live edits and post-recording edits is completely blurred.  Moments of near silence come and go as they please, disregarding the listener’s presence.  Throughout the remainder of the patiently paced piece, Valles pulls only the most necessary touches of various instruments from his sonic palette for a mesmerizing, ominous drone.  Great stuff indeed.”

Can still be bought on CD at Textura or digitally from Bandcamp